Will he speak at the next Stop the War rally?
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Louis Proyect
2014-10-20 16:35:26 UTC
(By Leslie Gelb, the epitome of the revolving door between the NY Times
and the State Department.)

There?s Only One Way to Beat ISIS: Work With Assad and Iran
The Obama administration has pulled together a coalition as ineffectual
as it is unwilling. It?s time to join up with the forces, however
unsavory, that can do the job.

Earlier this week, outside Washington, the Obama team hosted senior
military leaders from nations pledged to help fight the so-called
Islamic State, in a mission the Pentagon is now calling Operation
Inherent Resolve. Representatives from 21 of the 60-odd countries
appeared. Everyone, of course, was too polite to inquire about the
embarrassing number of absentees. Nor did they comment on how little
these partners have contributed to the war effort thus far, or on the
fact that no new serious help has been promised. Least surprising of all
was the absence of the only two nations that could help fight the
jihadis now and in a tangible form.

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