Translators collective
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Anthony Boynton
2014-10-21 16:28:20 UTC
I think this is a wonderful idea for any movement, but Michael Yates has a
point. However, if movement lawyers and doctors can work for free, I don't
see why translators can't do the same.

Everything Michael says about translating is true, except for one point:
you don't have to be able to write well in the language you are translating
from, only in the language you are translating to. If such a collective
were ever to be set up, it should work with teams of translators so that
someone, say Vladimir, would translate from English to Russian, and someone
else, say Karl, would translate from English to German, and someone else,
say Fred, would translate from German to English, and so on.

Any large, well organized social democratic party, revolutionary party,
workers international, or even a fucking church trying to evangelize people
to steal their money has to have a translation department within their
communications apparatus.

Best, Anthony