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I see that the fighters that the Erdogan regime is allowing to cross the border now are the Peshmerga forces, which are the more conservative (and I've also heard more corrupt) wing of the Kurdish forces. I can very well imagine that a deal has been struck with them that they will enter Kobane not only to counter IS, but also to counter the PKK forces there. I think it can't be ruled out that this would also include countering the role of the women's battalions who are fighting the IS.
Nevertheless, this seems to me to be a very complex situation. The PKK, from what I understand, is not calling for introduction of Western troops into this struggle. In fact, I've read some statements for fighters on the ground there who directly oppose this. I think socialists would have to agree with this opposition. It seems to me that, on the one hand, it's likely that these arms will go to the Peshmerga - the more conservative wing - and possibly at some point even be used against the PKK, and you couldn't rule out also being used against the women's battalions. (I say "couldn't rule out" because we really don't know much about the situation on the ground.) However, of course the Kobane Kurdish fighters need those arms.
Then there's also the other issue: We see how in Syria itself the political movement from below was turned into a military movement controlled from above, to the detriment of the workers and peasants of the entire country. How does that relate to the struggle in Kobane?
I think it's impossible for us, with little or no concrete information about the actual situation and the actual forces at work in Kobane and in Kurdistan in general, to have real, precise answers. but it does seem to me that socialists should have some general - very general- thoughts on the issue. This includes the issue of Western powers sending arms to Kobane...