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Louis Proyect
2014-10-21 17:48:54 UTC
Given its Hollywood provenance, I expected very little from ?Kill the
Messenger?, a film starring Jeremy Renner as reporter Gary Webb, who
after exposing the CIA?s role in facilitating Nicaraguan contra
planeloads of cocaine into the USA, was martyred by forces more powerful
than the modest San Jose newspaper where he worked, particularly the CIA
and the Washington Post, a ?newspaper of record? that had a long history
of covering up for the CIA no matter the reputation it earned through
the Woodward-Bernstein investigative reporting on Watergate.

Given Renner?s role as an action hero in Katherine Bigelow?s awful ?The
Hurt Locker? and more recently as a successor to Matt Damon in ?The
Bourne Legacy?, I fully expected ?Kill the Messenger? to figuratively
inject steroids into Gary Webb and turn him into a combination of an
investigative reporter and superspy. To the contrary, the film is
restrained in its presentation of Webb and the forces aligned against
him. The real drama is not of the conventional car chase variety but
those that take place in the conference room of the San Jose Mercury
News as Webb fights to defend his integrity from hostile forces outside
the paper and a management all too willing to bend under the pressure.

full: http://louisproyect.org/2014/10/21/kill-the-messenger/