Fwd: The struggle for Kobane: an example of selective solidarity | leilashrooms
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Louis Proyect
2014-10-21 00:17:07 UTC
The heroic resistance of the people of Kobane in fighting the onslaught
of the Daesh (ISIS) fascists since mid-September, has led to a surge of
international solidarity. A multitude of articles and statements have
been written and protests have been held in cities across the world.
Kurds have flooded across the Turkish border to help their compatriots
in the fight despite being brutally pushed back by Turkish forces, and
others including Turkish comrades from DAF (Revolutionary Anarchist
Action) have gone to the border to support in keeping it open to help
the flood of refugees escaping to Turkey. There have been calls to arm
Kurdish forces and calls to support DAF and send aid for refugees. Yet
this solidarity with Syria?s Kurds has not been extended to non-Kurdish
groups in the country that have been fighting, and dying, to rid
themselves of fascism and violent repression and for freedom and
self-determination. It?s often said incorrectly, that sectarianism lies
at the heart of the Syrian conflict. It?s necessary to understand to
what extent sectarianism plays a role in our response too.